Welding Safety Equipment – 5 Things to Look For

Welding safety might seem like something that’s obvious and simple, but it’s not. If you don’t have the right welding safety equipment to work safely, then you run the risk of getting hurt or even killed in the job and other welders will be more wary of working with you once they know about it. But if you have all the right safety gear and practices to follow, then others will be more willing to work with you as well. Here are some things to look for when selecting safe welding equipment.

Welding Safety Equipment

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What to look for in welding safety equipment

Before you shop for basic welding safety equipment, it will help to know what to look for in those safety helmets and other gear that you will need. With that in mind, here are some things you will want to have when you select your welding equipment.

1. Welding helmet with welder’s light (also known as a welder’s helmet).

2. Welding helmets are useful for both welding and cutting, as they protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays and puffs of oxygen that are in the air when welding. They also protect you from any stray sparks, which could burn your eyes or catch fire and burn your clothes if they’re nearby.

3. Welding helmets should come with a welder’s light to illuminate the work area and make sure there aren’t any obstacles or other welders in the way.

4. Welding helmets with built in welder’s light are convenient, but if you are going to be welding a lot then you’ll want a rechargeable battery to make sure you don’t have to stop and recharge the light every few minutes. It’s also a good idea to pick up a welding helmet light that can be mounted to your helmet if you are going to be welding a lot.

5. Ventilation Is your ventilation system properly set up for welding? Welding helmets should have proper ventilation holes to keep the weld fumes out of your face, but the inside of the helmet is more important. If the helmet is too hot, then it could be a problem. Make sure the welding helmet you choose has good ventilation.

Goggles with glass lens, or with shatterproof lens

Most welding work will leave your eyes with a pink or red ring around them, due to the heat and oxygen in the air. Welding glasses help with that, and they usually come in two styles: tinted lenses to filter the light, or shatterproof lenses that will protect your eyes from flying glass. You will also want to pick up welding glasses that have vented frames to help keep your air intake clear.

Shielded hand tools and MIG welders

A shield on your MIG welding gun protects both the gun operator and others around them from stray sparks, as well as from exposure to the MIG welding fumes. A shielded gun will help keep other workers from being exposed to the welding fumes, so make sure to pick up a shielded gun that works for your welding needs.

TIG welder’s torch belt and stick welding gloves

A welder’s torch belt keeps your torch close at hand, so you have it when you need it. And you will also want to pick up a welder’s glove that has a thick leather palm that can protect your hand from burns or cuts.

Hearing protection and welding shoes

While welding is a fairly quiet activity, your ears do get quite a beating from the sounds of the welding process and the noise of the torch. Welding earplugs will help protect your ears, and when you’re welding you’ll want to wear welding shoes to protect your feet from cuts or burns.

Last Words about Welding Safety Equipment

Welding is an important trade that can help you earn an income, but it must be done safely. This is true for both the tasks you perform and the equipment you use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced welder, it’s important to follow the safety guidelines set in place to ensure a safe job. If you are looking for a new job that allows for more income, or an opportunity to earn more money, then you should consider welding.

Welding can provide a good amount of money for the hours you put in. Welding jobs typically require more skill than most other jobs, so you’ll stand to make the most out of welding. However, welding isn’t without its risks, so it’s important to follow the right safety guidelines during your job.